Cocktails 65 million years in the making!


We would once have said that it was impossible to deliver a delicious selection of prehistoric cocktails straight to your door, but Geeks, uh... find a way.


Select any 4 of the following cocktails to make up your pack:


Welcome to Extinction - 145ml / 9.3%

“You did it. You crazy son of a bitch, you did it.”

Spiced Rum, Pandan, Coconut, Mango, Lime (Vegan)


When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth - 130ml / 11.8%

“Hammond, after careful consideration, I've decided not to endorse your park.”

Mezcal, Amaro, Red Vermouth, Raspberry Agave & Lemon (Vegan)


Trapped in Amber - 95ml / 17.9%

“Where do you get 100 million year old Dinosaur blood?!”

Calvados, Birch Sap Caramel, Pineau Des Charentes, Strawberry Vermouth, Tonka Bean & Maple


Almost Paradise - 95ml / 24.2%

“In the light of her flashlight Elena saw the blood dripping from their snouts."

 Pisco, Green Chartreause, Foraged Nettle, Maraschino Cherry & Lime (Vegan)


The Aviary - 115ml / 16%

“Oh my god... It's a bird cage.”

Gin, Violet, Hibiscus, Vanilla & Lemon


Indominus - 105ml / 17.1% - @ Home exclusive

“Depends what kind of Dinosaur they cooked up in that lab .”

Pisco, Guanabana liqueur, chilli, pisco, citrus & soda


Pack includes all garnishes and serve instructions.


*Available to order until the end of October. Exact date TBC*


Each cocktail is prepared and ready to enjoy straight from the fridge and comes with instructions on how best to serve. Best before dates are detailed on the bottle and vary per cocktail but if kept chilled all come with at least 2 weeks from the date of order. Cocktails may contain sediment from fresh ingredients used. We work hard to get your cocktails to you as quickly as possible. Orders are shipped via Royal Mail First Class on Mondays & Thursdays, for all orders placed before midnight of the previous day. Due to the nature of the postal service delivery times cannot be guaranteed. Orders are available to collect from East Market Street daily between 12pm - 5pm. Please collect within 2 weeks, out of date items cannot be refunded. Please await an order ready confirmation email before coming to collect. You must be over 18 to purchase this product. If you are in doubt about any dietary requirments please get in touch via: Please drink responsibly.

Extinction @ Home Cocktail Pack (4)